Our Story

We have been caring for Guinea Fowl for over five years and through this, we have learned a lot of tips to make sure you get the most out of your birds and make them live as long and happily as possible.

When we first got our fowl our intentions were to clear our garden of ticks which we were having to check for every day. With every tick we found on us this increased our chances of getting Lymes disease which can be incredibly dangerous and in some cases fatal.

After researching ways to get rid of these ticks our only realistic option was to take in guinea fowl. This was easier said than done because of the lack of breeders in our area. Once we had located a breeder and taken around 14 home we realized these birds needed more space than a simple coop. In the end, we ended up getting a large cage that was just perfect for them to stay protected from foxes and badgers at night time.

This worked for a while until the predators plucked up their courage and came out in the day to get fresh meat for their young. We tried to keep a lookout and let them get away themselves but their lack of flight put them at a huge disadvantage. If we wanted them without their wings clipped we would have to order them nearly a year in advance. However, as soon as we got guinea fowl able to fly they were amazing and from then on we have never needed to replace them.

We have also got two chickens to look after as they are no extra work and supply us with more eggs than we ever need. As well as this, they helped keep our fowl in order and demonstrate a good example for the rest of the birds.